Headway Supports Decarbonization of Yangtze River with OceanGuard® FGSS


Recently, Headway Technology Group Co., Ltd. has entered into a contract with Tai Xin Sheng Shipping Co., Ltd. to supply OceanGuard® Marine Fuel Supply System (FGSS) for 2 ships of "Type 130" Bulk Carriers navigating on Yangtze River with the turn-key product and technical solution.

Powered by two dual-fuel main engines and two LNG generators, the "Type 130" Bulk Carrier is a giant step in implementing China's "Clear water and green mountains Theory" and "30/60" emission control strategy. Recognized as LNG-Powered ships, "Type 130" ships have the priority to pass the navigation lock in the Three Gorges waters, which increased the utilization rate of the navigation locks by more than 30%. Headway tailor-made a Self Pressurization Built-Up FGSS including integrated auxiliary systems that provide a sailing range of 400 nautical miles. The FGSS adopted a vacuum fuel tank with multi-layer windings to best balance the isolation and weight.  In addition, the integrated Fuel Heater further ensures a more reasonable operation space for the crew.

"Headway provided a comprehensive solution to remove customer's concerns, especially the start-up of LNG powered generator at berth." said the FGSS project leader of Headway, "Meanwhile, Headway further extended the scope of supply by including Gas Valve Unit into the one-stop solution. " The OceanGuard® FGSS fitted on "Type 130" bulk carriers have passed the joint operational test & evaluation conducted by the main engine manufacturer with excellent compatibility and dependability.

Headway's OceanGuard® FGSS has obtained AiP certificates issued by major Classes such as DNV, ABS, BV, RS, RINA, NK, etc. The system is also the first one in the industry to obtain the Functional Safety Certificate. In addition to the compatibility with all popular dual-fuel low/medium speed marine engines and singular/dual-fuel engines for riverboats. Headway also made several breakthroughs during independent research and development:

· With the modular and customized designed fuel gas handling package, OceanGuard FGSS can provide the most optimized system layout according to the ship type and internal structure.

· With a redundancy diversity structure of Control and Safety Units, the system can achieve real-time self-monitoring to ensure dependability.

· With customized cryogenic energy utilization solutions based on the technical requirement of the vessel, the system can further improve the ship's energy efficiency.

· With more than 120 branches and service stations in 56 countries, Headway can provide a comprehensive and native solution on LNG and other alternative fuels.

The cooperation with Tai Xin Sheng Shipping is another milestone on Headway's campaign in green shipping. The company is determined to be an impetus for maritime decarbonization. With the upcoming Marine Fuel Supply System for LPG, methanol, and ammonia, Headway is contributing to green and sustainable shipping.

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